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Question — There is a question. They are doing a play which is from the Puranic stories. Vishwamitra is great sage and a writer of the Veda. Why does he play a role equal to humans? This is the story between Vishwamitra and Vasishtha.

Oh really? There is a question here. Vishwamitra is a great sage. And the whole third chapter of the Rig Veda is attributed to Vishwamitra. It seems that there is a story on which a play is being rehearsed among you, in which there is a conflict between Vasishtha and Vishwamitra. Right? So the question is that if Vishwmitra is so great, why was he quarrelling with Vasishtha. That is the question.

The story that you are now confronting, the story which you are rehearsing is a story of Vishwamitra before he became such a great sage. He became a great sage, but before he became a great sage, he was not such a great sage. So that is why. And Vasishtha was already a great sage. So he was quarrelling with a great sage actually. He was great but not a very great sage. You know, in India, there are many levels of development. The highest level of development is called Brahmarshi, Rishi who is Brahma, which is in possession of the highest knowledge. There is a lower grade which is a grade of Rajarshi. What is Rajarshi? He is also Rishi he is also aspiring, he is also a kind of a sage, but not Brahmarshi, he is Rajarshi. What is Rajarshi? Rajarshi is a king who wants to become a sage. And king is according to India lower than the man of knowledge. One who knows is the highest. One who is only a king can rule, he can demand order, he can fight, he can protect people, but the knowledge of ultimate reality, the knowledge of the creation, the knowledge of Brahman and Aditi, all that knowledge, he does not possess. And very often Rajarshi is marked by a temperament of anger, what is called a great impetuousness, -- subject to impulses. You act on impulses, not upon thought, not upon knowledge. A wise man is one who sits quietly in spite of the big storm, he remains steady. He is not like one who moves and one who does not move. That is the mark of a real Brahmarshi. He can act, act marvelously, powerfully and yet he is always quiet. The stillness and the power, both of them are combined in a Brahmarshi. But in a Rajarshi, they are not combined. When he is quiet, there is no force. When there is force, there is no quietude. There is a division between the two. So Vishwamitra, before he became the highest sage, was like that. And that is why he was opposed to Vasishtha, because he wanted Vasishtha to call him Brahmarshi, when he was not. He wanted to be called the highest while yet he was Rajarshi actually, not a Brahmarshi. Vasishtha was a man of true wisdom. He said, "I will not call you by a wrong name. When you are not a Brahmarshi, I won't call you a Brahmarshi. I'll call you Rajarshi." And Vishwamitra was getting angry. Why don't you call me Brahmarshi? That was his main question. And he was very angry. So that was the reason of the conflict and fight between Vishwamitra and Vasishtha. Now Vasishtha knew that although Vishwamitra is Rajarshi now, he has a great potentiality in him. He can become Brahmarshi one day provided he becomes very humble. At present he is very proud, egoistic, vain, he wants falsehood to be pronounced as truth. When he is Rajarshi, he wants to be called Brahmarshi. But Vashista knew that one day he has the possibility of becoming Brahmarshi.

If you have heard that whole story, you will find that one day Vishwamitra came — I wanted Deepti to tell you the story, but you are now stealing away that opportunity, what can I do? — One day Vishwamitra came to the house of Vasishtha with a decision to destroy him. That was his intention, that he would now kill him, because Vasishtha was not responding to his demand. He wanted to be Brahmarshi and he was not being called so by Vasishtha. So he stood at the gate and was about to enter, when he heard a conversation between Vasishtha and his wife. And Vasishtha was praising Vishwamitra and telling his wife: “He is actually very great. I am very kind to him actually.” So the wife was surprised. She said, "Even though he has destroyed so much of your progeny, everything, still why do you praise him?" He said, "No he is absolutely on the threshold. He is about to become Brahmarshi. And I don't want that he should be harmed. The moment he becomes free from pride and egoism, he will be Brahmarshi." So when Vishvamitra heard — he was outside, he heard Vasishtha, all his anger went away. He realised that Vasishtha had really no prejudice against him. So he went straight in. Instead of killing him, he went straight in and fell at the feet of Vasishtha, when he fell at the feet of Vasishtha, Vasishtha said, "O Brahmarshi, rise!" Vishwamitra pride had gone! He had become Brahmarshi. He became Brahmarshi at that stage. He gave up his pride and egoism. All his anger passed away and thus he became Brahmarshi. From that time onwards, he became a great sage. And the third chapter written by him is what he wrote after that.

You have any other question?

You remember now these four truths that have been discovered? Battle, sacrifice, supermind, ultimate reality. Right? Four discoveries. I will ask you at the end all the five discoveries. Then you will tell me all the five discoveries. So remember now. I am repeating again and again: battle, sacrifice, supermind, ultimate reality. The fifth one, I have not told you yet.

Question — This was about the year 2000. They wanted to know if there is something significant. The whole world seems to be focused on the year 2000. Is there something in this idea?

You know, there is a science of time, and from the Vedic point of view you can't say it is not significant. There is a significance. Not only 2000 but every year has a significance. Every year has a meaning. But when the whole humanity is seized by a moment, it has a very wide significance. There are significances which are local, which are personal, which are regional. But when the whole world is seized by a certain moment, it has a very wide significance, -- universal significance. It marks something very definitive. What is that definitive? The whole world today has become very conscious. It has begun to visualise the future. There are so many articles, you must have seen, the third millennium. What is going to happen in the third millennium? We also ask the question: what have we done in the second millennium? If you take account of the whole second millennium, that also is very significant. If you compare with the first 1000 what was achieved by mankind in 1000 years and compare it with what we are now in the second 2000 years, we have seen tremendous change. In 1972, in the month of November, Mother had given me a message. She had written down, and when I went to her she gave me this piece of paper and told me, "Read it". In the Mother's Agenda of 1972, you will find there is a foot-note of this message, the exact terms I will not be able to tell you but if we want word by word you see the conversation that is between me and the Mother when the Dalai Lama came to the Mother. He came on the 18th of January 1973. So if you see the conversation, there is an addendum to this conversation of 18 January 1973. An addendum in which there is an account of questions put by the Dalai Lama to the Mother, and I had put the questions of the Dalai Lama to the Mother and Mother was answering those questions to me. And then one of the questions the Dalai Lama had asked was: There is today a good deal of good will and sincerity in the world, but it is not enough. So his question was: is there some hope in this world? Because goodwill and sincerity are there, but they are not enough. So with that little goodwill and sincerity, can we really have a real hope for the future? That was the meaning of the question. I am again not telling you word by word the questions and answers. For that you have to read the text itself. I am only giving the gist of that question. So Mother said: "There will be". That is to say, The Victory is certainly going to happen. This is one absolute assurance given by the Mother, but if more and more people are sincere, more and more people have good will, it will come quicker. But that it will be, there is no question. It will be. And Mother said, “If the Supermind begins to work more and more powerfully, then it will be quicker.” Then I told the Mother: “But Mother, Supermind is working now powerfully, isn't it?” That was my question to the Mother. So she said, "Yes, it is, but I had given you the message already". She had given me the message in the month of November towards the end of November, and the text of that message is given at that stage in the Agenda. If you read the Agenda of that date, the questions of the Dalai Lama to the Mother, you will find that message in the foot-note. The message said, "Before dying falsehood rises in full swing." That is to say, she had given the exact stage where we had reached in the world movement, the world progression. That falsehood is about to die. That was the stage, but before dying it is rising in full swing. So today, Mother said, there is not a stage in the history of the world where falsehood was so intense as it is today. That was January 1973. She said, "People are telling lies automatically." As if by habit, not even intentionally, just to tell a lie is just automatically happening to the people. Such is the situation today. So it was in 1973.

Now you are asking the question about 2000. My own view is that between 1973 and 2000, falsehood has risen in full swing, has done its very best to destroy all that is truthful and good in the world. And that battle has now turned towards a stage where truth is overpowering. So to my mind, 2000 represents that moment where falsehood is now down, as it were. In the wrestling, up till now Truth was down and falsehood was on the top, trying its best to throttle the Truth. Now a stage has been reached (this is my personal view), and I think the 2000 marks a point when Truth is overpowering the falsehood. So it is very significant. We can expect that now whoever tries to cling to the truth will have greater chances of victory and of survival. This is my view about 2000. This is the significance of 2000 to my mind. All right? Thank you.