Isha Upanishad - Super school - Auroville - Isha Upanishad 605

‘The One is other then itself and yet remains itself’, I make this statement. This is one of the famous sentences of the Rig Veda.

It is Itself but moves by Itself, which is also Itself, It is Itself which moves by other then Itself, which is yet Itself.

“nanum asti no swaha, kas tad veda yat adbhutam, ansyas chitam abhisanchareniyam, utadhitam vinashayati”

It is Sanskrit, you may not understand it, this is the full sentence of the Rig Veda. It says that which I see spiritually is neither here nor will it be tomorrow, but I see I see that which is neither here nor will it be tomorrow; who can know it, this is a question mark that the Seer puts us, who can know it; it is wonderful. The very statement shows that this is something very surprising that which I see is neither here, nor will it be tomorrow, who knows it that which is wonderful. Then it says, it is itself but moves by another, which is itself, it is itself, which moves by another which still is itself, when you think of it, it vanishes. It is inconceivable, that is when you think of it you can't conceive of it. So, it is inconceivable, when you try to conceive, it vanishes, you cannot hold it in your concept.

All this is to introduce to you the two sentences, which you read yesterday because we spoke of certain statements which are inconceivable that which is not moving is swifter than the mind, this is inconceivable but this is what the Upanishad describes. “One which is unmoving is swifter than Mind”. A statement which is inconceivable but that is what the Upanishad gives you and it says also that although it stands and when you run, you find, it always remains standing before you. You run and if it only stands and you run, if it does not run at all at the same time, it will remain stationary where it is? But this Upanishad says, it stands and if you run and however much you run; you will always find it stands in front of you. If you want that object but supposing you don't want that object, it is such a surprising object that even if you don't want that object, and you run, you will always find it to be in front of you without running that is the description. Whether you want it or not, if you want, of course, you can always stand before it then you don't need to run but supposing you don't want and you run but wherever you run and however fast you run, you find it is always in front of you. Such is the magic of this Reality. On the other hand, it is such that even the gods who run the fastest, even they cannot reach it, even by running fastest, you cannot reach it.

The physicists who say the particle is the same as the wave, it's a similar statement. It's true but not conceivable; they know it is not conceivable.

Question: How do they know?

Answer: It’s a fact. I’m very happy, this is exactly the point I wanted to underline. There is a way of knowing, which is beyond conceivability or inconceivability that is the spiritual experience, therefore philosophical knowledge is different from this whole domain of spirituality.

Question: The Rishis understood this through meditation?

Answer: Meditation is one of the methods, not the only method but one of the methods.

You're shocked by the statement that is made and makes you alert what is it, is it abracadabra, it could be. It is also a question for you, somebody who's talking to you, is a bad man but before you prove that he's a bad man, you should be sure that he's a bad man how will you prove?