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These sparks are ourselves; what we call psychic consciousness, psychic entities, they have a very special characteristic. They are individual in character those four beings which had come out in the beginning were all cosmic. The gods which came out were also cosmic but this fire, the sparks of this fire are individual in character, each one of us is that fire, that spark. It is as if we are now called upon to do that work, we have agreed to do this work and we are now digging in the darkness and our entire lives is nothing but an endeavour to remove the darkness. We are in the reverse process at present, it is becoming less and less dark, millions of years we have been struggling, striving. We are ourselves like architects and an architect knows what's to be done and what is to be fashioned, what is to be formed. The architect takes the help of so many others and he guides. But this guide, when it enters into darkness,− this work cannot be done merely by standing away. He finds that if the darkness has to be removed he has to plunge into darkness. When you plunge into darkness what happens, is that you're overwhelmed by the darkness. It's like entering into mud, the moment you enter into it and if you have to take out the mud, you will have to become muddy. All mud comes out on your body this is what has happened to us and we are all the time taking out the mud.

There has been a lot of advance, even to create this kind of human body is the work of that spark. There was not even this kind of a body available within this darkness, even what we call matter was not formed, there was no life, there was no mind, it was all darkness and this spark. And this park went on and on, first introduced matter which itself was a great victory to bring out matter from pure Inconscient was a great victory. But in matter there was hardly individuality possible, then came about by digging further and this samatsara is supposed to be a messenger. This is in the Veda, agni is supposed to be the messenger who goes up and down, it travels and whenever it calls for all the gods come; it is promised we shall help him, so wherever we are gods will come to help us. We have an access everywhere, we can go round about anywhere, you do all your efforts, gods are available they will help you.

Ultimately, these were able to bring what is called life-force and implanted life into this matter; it was a miracle how out of matter the plants began to grow. Sri Aurobindo has given a beautiful description of the world of darkness, it says that if you were a witness at that time but uninstructed, we are not told anything at all, we are just witnessing this whole darkness. And if you were told, you are a witness and if somebody whispered into you and said: ‘Look, here in this darkness one day a beautiful garden will be overlooking, birds will be flying all around, beautiful butterflies, and then you'll find beautiful benches coming over it and human beings moving about. If you were told such a possibility, you would have said: ‘impossible, such a thing can never come about’. But what is called impossible, life did come about in this matter, and how many life-forms, not one but millions of life-forms. Even if you just look into the ocean and the life-forms in the ocean, you will be surprised at the multiplicity of the forms, various kinds of fishes, there are many species of fishes and crocodiles and sharks, numerous. Even in plants, are many kinds of plants, millions of species of plants, what kind of flowers, varieties of flowers. All this is a result of our digging and putting forth, we are all working together, we may fight against each other but we are all working together. 

In that process when this kind of human body was formed, you might say a very remarkable breakthrough was attained. You can see the mystery of the human body is so great, is marvellous work, one doesn't know how this mysterious instrument has been created.