Sachchidananda 'The Life Divine' Book I,Ch.9, 10, 11, 12 (The Mother Insitute of Research - MIRA) - Track 1004

You will then find that the whole world is a great ocean of consciousness and even scientifically today there are three or more events which have occurred, which are very significant. One is that Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that in plants there is feeling, there is joy, there is sorrow. Actually scientifically by scientific machines he showed that plants have consciousness in them. He wanted to show further that even in metals there is consciousness he could not finish his task but this was also his further attempt to show that even in the metals there is consciousness. In any case it is now known that metals get fatigue. Our cars they get fatigue, so there is something like a fatigue in matter, there is something like freshness of matter. When the car is new, brand new it moves very fast and without any trouble but much more than that there is recent experiment about 10-12 years ago which was done which is as follows you take a small particle of matter this was an experience which was conducted and this has been now proved. You take a small smallest possible particle and split it and let one particle go in one direction and you direct the other particle, split particle into another direction. Thousands of miles they are separated from each other then you act upon this particle and change its direction and the moment you change the direction of this particle that particle without your doing anything to it also changes the direction. This is the kind of experiment which is called Bells theorem. There was a scientist called Bell who proved that this surprising phenomenon takes place, who tells that particle that its twin had been affected and it has been changed in his direction. Without being communicated this particular particle also changes its direction without any manipulation from outside automatically, so in matter there is a consciousness at least there is communication. In life and plant there is consciousness. In the mind ofcourse there is consciousness but not complete consciousness. In the mind there is sub conscious which is conscious. In the mind there is subliminal which is conscious and then when you develop the mind and silence the mind then the higher consciousness develops, so in other words at all of the plains of being right from matter to the height of consciousness is nothing but pure consciousness. The difference between one and the other is only question of self limitation. There is a limitation of consciousness and that too by self limitation comes into existence. Not only that but consciousness always implies the operation of intelligence and design. Can we say that the whole world has a design? Can we say that world is a purpose? Do events happen with a certain kind of design? This is the theory exactly opposite to Chance theory. According to chance theory events happen pell-mell but if consciousness is the end, is the ultimate reality then you must be able to see design everywhere. Now if you look at the world very minutely you will find that in everything in the world there is a relationship between consciousness however …it may and the design it makes like a bird anticipates the rainfall and prepares the nest which every one of us quite easily and the design of the nest is exactly suitable to be a resident of the bird. Who taught the bird to make the nest and if you really see the nest, some of the nests are so beautiful and so powerful you can’t even break them easily and actually they are made of some small branches, twigs and very feeble fibers but very well knit together they become very powerful and a good design. Actually when we study biology, when we study vegetation we find such a tremendous design in it. Take for example design of flowers what is the design of flowers. Every flower has a design and variety of designs. Now if nature was not a designer how could such designs come about. Around the each tree the flowers has a special design belonging to that particular species and when you will see those designs even much more minutely you will find that these designs correspond to something which is very psychological. I was recently seeing a very beautiful flower, just recently I saw a very beautiful flower and mother had called that flower fire (Agni) and when I was examining the flower I found in it the following design when I will get the flower I will like to show you, very beautiful design. Each flower has four main petals over these flower petals there is one super winning petal, four on this side and super winning petal as if preceding over it and over that another petal which is still further super winning over it. Now when you examine this design you find it accurately translates the concept of jeevatman. Jeevatman is super winning individual of which psychic being is the delegate and psychic being has four powers of knowledge, will, harmony and skill. It has four petals so four petals preceded over by a special petal or where there is a further special petal and fire is actually regarded as a jeevatman as a psychic entity, so if you examine this flower it is not only a design. It’s a design which accurately describes the relationship between souls and its powers.