The Synthesis of Yoga - Super school Auroville - The Synthesis of Yoga 1006

“But in proportion as this contact establishes itself, the sadhaka must become conscious that a force other than his own, a force transcending his egoistic endeavour and capacity, is at work in him and to this Power he learns progressively to submit himself and delivers up to it the charge of his Yoga.” Then you will find how easy is the process of yoga. Because you have now got the contact with the Divine who was already helping you and now you realise that He is helping you and there is a big difference between the two. The Divine helping you when you are not aware that He is helping you and the Divine helping you when you are aware that He is helping you makes all the difference. When you are aware that the Divine is helping you then you just tell Him: “Do this” and He will do it for you. You have not to make an effort then, the effort diminishes.

“In the end his own will and force become one with the higher Power; he merges them in the divine Will and its transcendent and universal Force. He finds it thenceforward presiding over the necessary transformation of his mental, vital and physical being with an impartial wisdom and provident effectivity of which the eager and interested ego is not capable.” Even with your utmost effort what you can do is little but when you are in that context, when you submit to Him as Sri Aurobindo says: “Yoga is a process by which you make God do what you want to do.” It is a very beautiful expression. You don’t need to do anything. You just tell the Divine, pray to the Divine this is what is to be done and you will see it immediately happening. In the Divine action there is no delay. Delay is present as long as egoism is present, as long as there is an ego there is a time lag but once you reach the door of the Divine the boon is instant, you just ask the tathastu (tatasthu means let it be, so be it). That is always the answer of the Divine when you really approach Him, as Sri Aurobindo says when you approach Him more and more you become His favourite. And to the favourite, Divine does not deny anything. If you approach Him more and more you become His favourite although He is impartial. The fire is impartial it gives heat to everybody equally but if you are far from the fire the heat which is transmitted is lesser, if you are near the heat it is much greater. So if you are nearer the Divine, the grace which falls upon you is much greater. The nearer you come to the Divine the greater the favourite you become of the Divine and the greater the favourite you are, there is no denial from the Divine. All you ask for is given on the spot. Only then you have to be careful whether you can receive all that He gives or not.

“It is when this identification and this self-merging are complete that the divine centre in the world is ready.” There is no difference between Him and you in every manner. Then you become a real channel. You can radiate the Divine through yourself. That is your destiny. Everybody’s destiny is this. The only question is the time by which one approaches. What will be your condition then-- “Purified, liberated, plastic, illumined, it can begin to serve as a means for the direct action of a supreme Power in the larger Yoga of humanity or superhumanity, of the earth's spiritual progression or its transformation.” The whole humanity is then your field. The entire world is your field and you become a channel of the Divine action in the world.

“Always indeed it is the higher Power that acts.” Although personal effort is necessary from your side because you are egoistic, you are blind therefore you feel I must make an effort but the basic truth is always it is the Higher Power that acts. “Our sense of personal effort and aspiration comes from the attempt of the egoistic mind to identify itself in a wrong and imperfect way with the workings of the divine Force.” As long as we have egoism our sense of personal effort is tremendous. Always the Divine is acting and even your effort is His effort actually. It is He who is putting you into the mill so that you are constantly driven to make an effort.