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Vedic literature is a most precious treasure of Indian wisdom. The literature is vast, and includes not only the four Vedas but also Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upani-shads. As a part of the history of India; this literature constitutes a source material for understanding various aspects of Indian culture as it has grown and developed over millennia. For every lover of India, therefore, it becomes essential to turn to the portals of the Vedic literature.

An attempt has been made in this book to present to a beginner some of the most important portions of this vast literature. The Veda contains secret knowledge, and the language used to express that knowledge is symbolic and, therefore, not easily intelligible. Sri Aurobindo, has, in his great work Secret of the Veda, expounded his discovery of the secret knowledge that is contained in the Veda. An attempt has been made to reflect that discovery while expounding selected passages which have been collected in this book.

India is passing through a period of Renaissance, and it is felt that the recovery of the knowledge contained in the Veda is an essential task, since the future can securely be built only if it is based on the foundations which were built in the ancient times. This book will, therefore, be found relevant to the needs of all those who are keen to conceive and formulate a meaningful vision of the future of India.


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