On Resurgent India Movement - Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion

Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion


Resurgent India

A Note for Discussion


Date of Discussion: 10.02.2008

Present at the Discussion: Dr. Subhash Kashyap, Dr. B. B. Dutta, Prof. Kireet Joshi, Shri Abhaya Kashyap.

Resurgent India

(In the service of Mother India and the World)

Sri Aurobindo, the greatest Pioneer  and  the Forerunner of the future-humanity or super-humanity  has put forth three tasks that India must undertake and accomplish, if India is to fulfill herself through a new resurgence and rebirth, and if India is to serve the highest aspirations of humanity and world-unity.

Sri Aurobindo has said:

“The recovery of the old spiritual knowledge and experience in all its splendour, depth and fullness is its first, most essential work; the flowing of this spirituality into new forms of philosophy, literature, art, science and critical knowledge is the second; an original dealing with modern problems in the light of Indian spirit and the endeavour to formulate a greater synthesis of a spiritualized society is the third and most difficult. Its success on these three lines will be the measure of its help to the future of humanity.”

The following four Organizations have joined together to promote the three tasks that Sri Aurobindo has put forward with inspiring force:

  1. Rashtriya Jagriti Sansthan, Lado Sarai, New Delhi – 110 030
  2. Divya Jeevan Foundation, Bivar Road, Shillong – 793 001
  3. The Mother’s Institute of Research, 192 Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi – 110 025
  4. Shubhra Ketu Foundation, B - 42, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi – 110 0

These Organizations invite all other Organizations and Centres, as also all those individuals who feel inspired to contribute to the accomplishment of the tasks envisaged under the programme of Resurgent India.

Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion

Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion

Our immediate work will be centered on developing a Website as also on Publication of books and booklets and audio-visual material which will study the implications of the above mentioned three tasks and share the results of their study on a continuous and progressive basis with all those who would like to participate in the work of rejuvenating the contemporary India. A preliminary analysis of the work which can be initiated without delay may be stated briefly as follows:

  1. The task of recovery of the old spiritual knowledge: This task can begin with the study of the Veda, the Upanishads and the Gita. The Mother’s Institute of Research has been engaged in this task during the last several years and preliminary work that is available at this Institute includes:
    1. Publications – such as the Veda and Indian Culture, Glimpses of Vedic Literature, Landmarks of Hinduism, The Bhagavad-Gita and the Contemporary Crisis, and unpublished manuscripts on the Synthesis of Yoga in the Veda, Synthesis of Yoga in the Upanishads and the Gita and its Synthesis of Yoga.
    2. Tape-recorded lectures under the following titles:
      • Ishavasya – (4)
      • Sat Chit Ananda – (12)
      • Problem of Rebirth (Law of Karma) – (5)
      • Text of the Gita – (40)
      • Essays on the Gita – (9)
      • Synthesis of Yoga – (15)
      • Ignorance, Liberation and Perfection – (3)
      • Discoveries of the Vedic Rishis – (7)
      • Glimpses of the Veda – (6)
      • Secret of the Veda
  2. Task two: Study of the contemporary problems in an effort to find solutions in the light of the spirit and genius of India.

Under this task, intensive study will be promoted in regard to the following three problems: Education, Energy and India’s External relationships.

Several other problems, which will also be studied, will be related to:

Constitutional Reforms, Social Reforms, Development of Indian Economy and Industry, that will avoid the path of competitive capitalism and the path of communistic materialism.

Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion

Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion

Development of visions of the future of India: Political, Socio-cultural and Spiritual.

Indian Science and the Future; Indian Philosophy and the Future; Indian Literature and the Future; India and new Poetry, India and the Media in the service of the Future, etc.

The Mother’s Institute of Research has the following publications which deal with the problems of education of India:

Education for Character Development, Education for Tomorrow, National Agenda for Education, Education at Crossroads, Philosophy of Education for the Contemporary Youth, Philosophy of education for the Contemporary Teacher, and Philosophy of Evolution for the Contemporary Man.

Aim of Life, Good Teacher and the Good Pupil, Mystery and the Excellence of the Human Body, and twelve Monographs under the series of projected 85 Monographs related to the theme of “Illumination, Heroism, and Harmony”, Philosophy of Value-Oriented Education and Philosophy of Supermind.

Rashtriya Jagriti Sansthan has vast literature connected with Constitutional Reforms, and various topics connected with economic, industrial and political development of India and South Asia; it has also published literature connected with Constitutional Reforms and problems relating to India’s External Relationships. Rashtriya Jagriti Sansthan has also produced books relating to conflicts of religions, such as Hinduism, etc.

Divya Jeevan Foundation also has video-tapes on lectures connected with education and on North-Eastern India and also its “Look East” policy.

  1. The third task will be related to the theme of new synthesis for human unity.

In connection with this theme, The Mother’s Institute of Research has literature connected with the Synthesis of Yoga, Synthesis of East and West and Synthesis required for Divine Life.

An immediate proposal is to establish a Website on which suitable extracts and articles can be put up by selecting every week or fortnight under suitable headings from the literature which is available with all the above four Organization. Fresh material can also be produced on all the subjects connected with the above mentioned three tasks. Fresh articles can also be solicited from experts.


Resurgent India - A Note for Discussion

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