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Indian Culture

6. Indian Culture:

The course relating to Indian Culture, will provide in its first component general information and discussion on the following topics (Annexure VI):

a. What is Culture? Distinction between Civilisation and Culture;

b. Indian Rationality;

c. Indian Aesthetics (Literature, Art, Music, Dance, Drama);

d. Indian Ethics and Drama;

e. Indian Religion and Spirituality;

f. Distinctive Features of Indian Culture;

g. Indian Renaissance.

In the second component, it will provide a possibility of choosing any two or three of the following or allied themes for a more detailed study -

a. Significance of — सत्येव जयते - satyam eva jayate;

b. Dharma in daily life of Indians;

c. Veda and Indian Culture;

d. Indian Natya Shastra;

e. Lessons of Ramayana;

f. Lessons of Mahabharata;

g. Significance of Puranas;

h. Significance of Ramayana and Mahabharata;

i. Indian Women;

j. Problems of Hindu-Muslim Unity;

k. Masterpieces of Indian Art;

l. Masterpieces of Indian Architecture;

m. Problems of Indian Polity and Unity of India; and

n. Yoga

Indian Culture

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