[Forest road near a hermitage]

(Enter two guards)

GUARDS — Out of the way! Away! Sirs, out of the Way!

(Enter Yaugandharayana, disguised as a religious men­dicant, and Vasavadatta in the garb of a lady of Avanti)

YAUGANDHARAYANA — (Listening) What! Even here the people are driven aside? Why,

These self-possessed dwellers of the hermitage content with woodland fruits and clad in bark, worthy of all respect, are being terrified?

Who is this insolent fellow, lacking courtesy, made arrogant by fickle fortune, who by his rough command is turning a peaceful pen­ance-grove into a village street?

VASAVADATTA — Sir, who is this (person) that drives away (the ascetics).

Yaugandharayana — My lady, whoever drives himself away from the dharma (righteousness).

VASAVADATTA — Noble one, I did not mean to say that.

(But actually I wanted to know) whether even I should be or­dered to clear the way?

YAUGANDHARAYANA — Even the gods, lady, are rejected

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