[Palace Garden]

(Enter Vasavadatta, deep in thought)

VASAVADATTA — Having left PadmavatT in the quadrangle of the inner chambers full of the bustle of the marriage festivities, I have come here to the ladies garden. Now I shall console my grief brought upon me by fate. (Walking about) Oh! What a great calamity! Even my husband as he is belongs to another. I will sit down. (Sitting down) Blessed is the Chakravaka female that does not live when separated (from her mate). I do not indeed abandon my life; but in the fond hope that I may see my husband live, unfortunate that I am.

(Enter a Maid with flowers in her hand)

MAID — Where can the revered Avantika have gone? (Walking about, and looking on) Oh, here she is seated on the stone-slab under the Priyangu creeper, with her heart vacant on account of thought, wearing an unadorned dress like the crescent of the moon dimmed by mist. I will just approach her. (Approaching) Revered Avantika, for how long a time I have been looking out for you.

VASAVADATTA — For what purpose?

MAID — Our queen says - her ladyship has sprung from a noble

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