[Palace at Magadha]

(Enter the Jester)

JESTER — (Joyfully) Ah! Fortunately, I have seen the time, de­lightful and auspicious on account of the coveted marriage-ceremony of his Honour, the king of Vatsa. Oh! Who could have known that after being hurled into such a whirlpool of misfortune we would emerge again. Now, we live in palaces, we bathe in the tanks of the inner court, we eat dainty and delicious dishes of sweetmeats - in short, I feel myself to be in Paradise, except that there are no heavenly nymphs to keep me company. But there is one great drawback. I do not digest my food at all well, and I do not get sleep even on a bed having excellent coverlets, so that I see as if gout is down upon me on all sides. Ah! There is no happiness in life, if you are full of ailments, or without a good breakfast.

(Enter a maid)

MAID—Where could the noble Vasantaka have gone? (Walking

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