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Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Sri Aurobindo emerged in the first decade of the century as a revolutionary leader of the struggle for india's freedom, who electrified the nation through his writings. The field of his work widened rather rapidly and after a series of yogic experiences, he withdrew in 1910 to Pondicherry and plunged into a more revolutionary struggle related directly to the evolutionary crisis through which mankind is passing today. In 1914, Mother (Mirra Alfassa) came to Pondicherry from France and joined Sri Aurobindo. Thus began a momentous collaboration for supramental action on earth.

Sri Aurobindo and Mother

Compilations from the Works of Sri Aurobindo

Philosophy of Supermind and Contemporary Crisis

This Compilation of Passages from Sri Aurobindo's writings is centred on the Integral Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and his diagnosis of the contemporary crisis, its solution through the descent and manifestation of the Supermind on the earth and a vision of the future of durable unity, harmony and peace.