A National Agenda for Education


A National Agenda for Education


All eyes seem to be set on education.

The contemporary scene of India compels everyone to turn to education as the central key to the road to regeneration. Unfortunately, our educational system is suffering from long-standing negligence and maladies and unless drastic steps are taken to bring about radical and revolutionary changes, it would be futile to expect education to perform any miracle.

The national agenda for education must be conceived and implemented with full realisation that the nation derives its raison d'etre from the protective wings that it can spread over the children and the youth so that they can grow freely and boldly, imbibing in themselves the rich heritage of the past and cultivating the unfailing power of character and vision to build a greater future.

The values which have been enshrined in the Constitution provide a framework which must inform and illuminate all levels and forms of education. They ensure unity of people of India and promise a great future for all. They provide great inspiration for cultivating work-culture which is currently so sadly lacking and which is indispensable for sustaining the process of growth of the country and for the promotion of excellence in all human endeavours.

We may recall that the great struggle for freedom had in its early moments of resurgence placed national education as an essential aspect of its core programme for achieving India's independence. Now after nearly one century, we feel compelled to go back to the call of national education, since we have failed greatly

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