A National Agenda for Education


Teaching of Sanskrit

During the year of Sanskrit, a number of activities are being undertaken at various levels for highlighting the importance of Sanskrit and for considering ways and means by which the study of Sanskrit can become more and more widespread. At its meeting of 25-26 October 1999 of the National Level Committee on Sanskrit several programmes were formulated and recommended such as those of religious harmony of India, importance of teaching methodology of Sanskrit with special reference to the teaching of Sanskrit through Sanskrit, identification of suitable authors for Sanskrit science series and for Sanskrit educational series and the finalisation of the Project of source-book of educational thoughts in Sanskrit literature, including Pali, and of the Project of source material for teaching of modern disciplines with a view to integrate traditional Sanskrit thought with those of modern subjects. All these programmes seem to be of crucial importance, and the National Council of Educational Research and Training has taken up these programmes with seriousness and enthusiasm.

All these programmes should have been undertaken much earlier, but considering the condition of the inertia that prevails in the country, one feels grateful to the Government of India for sponsoring and supporting the proposed programmes. The country needs a new awakening and a new orientation. The country has to strengthen its nationalist spirit and recover those treasures of knowledge and tradition which have been either lost or left in the margins of the national memory, but which can play a major role m re-fashioning our ancient culture at this important juncture of our renaissance.

Among the proposed programmes, the overarching concern is

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