A National Agenda for Education


School Education:

Vision, Objectives, Critique of New Curriculum

Proposed by NCERT, Recommendations

NCERT has rendered a valuable service to the country by bringing out a discussion document on National Curriculum Framework for School Education. The last document on the curriculum was developed in 1988. It should have been reviewed much earlier, since it is best to renew the curriculum at reasonable intervals. But the effort that has been deployed in producing this new document appears to be very laborious and bears the imprint of the latest developments of educational thought and of the lessons that can be derived from the experiences not only of the last twelve years but right from the time when NCERT entered into the field of educational research. Moreover, the present document has produced a curriculum framework for all the stages of school education — from elementary to the senior secondary. All those who have participated in conceiving, writing and bringing out this document deserve our congratulations.


It is not necessary here to dwell on the merits of the document, since they are quite obvious. First of all, it is a frank document, and it confesses the failures that our educational experiments and practice have registered, and the questions which it has framed for eliciting the opinions of the readers bring out the earnestness of NCERT to find remedies so that in the future we can minimise the incidence of failures. Secondly, it expresses the aspirations to develop in the country a truly national system of education. In doing so, the document underlines the concern for

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