A National Agenda for Education

Teacher Education:

Objectives, Problems and Recommendations

All education is about knowledge and wisdom, about courage and heroism, about art of harmony, and about skill for effective productivity, excellence and perfection. But above all, the central figures of education are the teacher and the pupil, — the teacher, who has the power to inspire and uplift and the pupil who has thirst and who raises his hand for upliftment. And the interrelationship between the teacher and the pupil generates that secret process by which the heritage of the past is transmitted for purposes of the future. Without the teacher, the accumulated experience of the past remains barren, and without the pupil the future remains unborn. For the teacher, pupil is the sovereign, for the pupil, teacher is the sovereign. In the ultimate analysis, nothing is as important in the human society as the pupil, and nothing is as sacred as the teacher.

According to the Indian tradition, the sacredness of the teacher is derived from the fact that he represents the inmost living teacher of the world, jagadguru, who is the perennial guide and master, and unless the human teacher becomes a pure vehicle of the jagadguru must remain an apprentice, who needs constant training. And this process of training is a long process of discipline and austerity, which must be conducted with unending patience. And the mark of accomplishment will be when he, like, the Rishi of the Kenopanishad, declares: "He by whom It is not thought out, has the thought of It; he by whom It is thought out knows It not." Such is the highest perspective for the teacher, a perspective that invites the teacher to become a constant pupil so that as a child he leads children, as a brother, he calls his brothers and sisters, as a light, he effortlessly kindles other lights.

Fortunately, this tradition had not remained a dream parable

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