Child Teacher and Teacher Education

Notes on Relating to
Value-oriented education


          Education is intrinsically and by definition value-oriented. To speak, therefore, of Value-Oriented education is, in a sense, tautologous. In fact, education is a subset of a larger setting of culture, and culture consists of cultivation of faculties and powers pertaining to reason, ethics and aesthetics in the light of the pursuit of Values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness (satyam, sivam, sundaram). Culture also consists of infusing the influences of this pursuit into physical and vital impulses, so as to refine them and sublimate them to the highest possible degrees, and to transmit the resultant fund of experience through various modes of expression, including those of poetry, music, dance, drama, art, architecture, and craft. The height of culture is to be judged by the depth and height that are reached in terms of an ascending process of harmonization and, in that process, development of quest of spiritual inspiration and revelation and their manifestation in various domains of physical life. Every developed culture, therefore, inspires methodologies of transmission of accumulated normative lessons of culture to succeeding generations, and this process of transmission is greatly secured by a process of education, which, in turn, discovers and implements a more and more ripened system of acceleration of progress. Thus, the basis thrust of culture and education is inevitably Value-Oriented.

          The question that arises as to why we are then obliged to think of Value-Oriented education. The

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