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Philosophy of Spiritual Education - II

A philosophical study of Spiritual Education needs to delve in to the field of the spirituality at a deeper level, so that we can propose a programme of Spiritual Education as a programme of the discovery and realization of the Spirit with as much pedagogical rigor as he employ in the realm of the discovery and realization of the natures and power of Matter, Life and Mind. We have also to show the relevance of Spiritual Education to the programme of enrichment and fulfillment of life and consequent fulfillment of the various activities of Matter, Life and Mind, which are at presence pursued in School Education.


Spirituality and Yoga

In the history of human quest, the field of direct spiritual experience has come to be cultivated, both intensively and extensively. This cultivation has come to be explored and practiced systematically in various cultures of the world, and in India, this systematic exploration and practice have been recognized as Yoga, and it has come to be clearly distinguished from religion, occultism and philosophy.


Yoga[i] is a systematic and methodized pursuit of spirituality and direct spiritual experience. Spirituality, in its distinctiveness, aims at the knowledge and possession of the Spirit, as distinguished from Mind, Life and Matter; it pursues Spirit as an object of


[i] Vide., Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, SABCL, 1971, Pondicherry, Vol. 20, p. 2.

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