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Philosophy of Value-Oriente Education - i

There is a need to clarify the term, value. Evidently the word ‘value’ is not to be taken in the sense in which it is used in Economics. The word ‘value’ as understood in the context of educational philosophy refers to those desirable ideals and goals which are intrinsic in themselves and which, when achieved or attempted to be achieved, evoke a deep sense of fulfillment to one or many or all parts of what we consider to be the highest elements of our nature. In a sense, it may be urged that the word ‘value’ is basically indefinable since it denotes a fundamental category and it is itself the highest genus of that category. At the same time, there is a common understanding as to what is meant when it is said that Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the supreme values of life. They are intrinsic in character and they are ends in themselves. They are considered to be the most desirable ideals and they occur to us whenever we try to conceive of those states of our being or becoming in which we are likely to find some kind of ultimate fulfillment.

All true education is fundamentally a process of training whereby the individual is enabled to embody, progressively, those values which we in our highest thought and aspiration come to regard as something most desirable.

If the human nature is analyzed, it is found that there are various energies in us which can be distinguishable under various categories, such as physical, emotional, mental, aesthetic, moral and spiritual. These energies are mostly latent in us and

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