Education for Tomorrow




What innovations do we need? And Why?

1. The modern age is marked by breath-taking discoveries and inventions. But nothing is perhaps so significant and pregnant for the future as the discovery of the child and the modern educationist's efforts for the invention of the New Education which would be appropriate to the ever-fresh discoveries of the mysteries of the child.

2. The modern educationist has been wonderstruck by the tremendous feat of learning that the child performs in the first few years of its life. What is the secret, he has asked, of this tremendous speed of learning?

3. He has observed, with fresh eyes, the child craving for the moon, and its wonder at the stars that twinkle. And he has made fresh propositions. The child learns so fast, he says, because it has no other occupation than that of learning; or rather, for the child, all the occupations are occupations of learning. To it, all play is learning and all learning is a play. The child learns so fast, he continues, because it has before it a living book, the open book of Nature itself. And the child learns so fast, he concludes, because the child "reads" this book of Nature with its total being, by the happy exercise of all its faculties, by the concrete urge of experience.

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