Education for Tomorrow


The Workshop on "Education for Tomorrow" was organized by Sri Aurobindo Research Foundation on September 7-8, 1996 at Baroda, and it was conducted by Kireet Joshi (KJ), President, Dharam Hinduja International Centre of India Research. Ms. Kosha Shah, Director, Sri Aurobindo Research Foundation, Baroda, coordinated the workshop.

List of participants is at ANNEXURE-I.

At the outset, Ms. Kosha Shah welcomed the participants and made an introductory statement.

Thereafter, KJ explained that it was thought preferable to have a small group of educationists, teachers and experts who could reflect on the innovations in education which are being experimented upon in different parts of the world and to consider not only the implications of these innovations but also to visualise what kind of education is required to meet the highest needs of building a new world order. He said that the tasks that are normally given to educational committees and Com missions are limited to the immediate concerns. He added that the situation has, however, become so acutely difficult that there is an urgent need to think of the fundamentals and to visualise education for tomorrow.

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