Education for Tomorrow


In the history of the development of education, we find in certain systems of education a stress on harmonious development of the physical, the vital and the mental aspects of personality. Such, indeed, was the Greek ideal of education, which has reappeared in the modern West, and which influences the modern educational thinking in India. It has also been recognised that there have been systems of education laying great stress on the building up of the character and on the inculcation of moral virtues. In some Systems of education, an attempt has been made to provide for the study of some religious texts and for some religious practices. There is also a tendency to suggest a system of education in which all the above elements would, in some way, be incorporated.

There are, however, certain important developments which necessitate a clearer and a more radical concept of integral education.

Firstly, there is, today, an unparalleled width and depth of inquiry, which requires a new kind of education that would simultaneously be comprehensive and specialized or varied so as to suit each individual. Secondly, the modern human personality has become, as never before, subject to psychological .

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