Innovations in Education


Our system of education is the legacy of the colonial past. Sixty years have passed since we attained independence, but even though promised during the freedom struggle, we have not been able to change the system, except very marginally.

There are, however, voices all around which demand radical changes in education.

A study of this demand brings out one common cry; we want better education.

Nobody will dispute with this demand.

But disputes arise, when we try to define and give content to the phrase "Better Education".

The theme of this book is that "Better Education", whatever it may mean, is not enough.

The country needs a kind of education that is not yet being conceived, although greatest pioneers of the freedom struggle have already given us the glimpses of that education.

If education has to reflect the soul of India, and if India has to prepare itself to fulfill its own swadharma;

If India has to play a leading role in meeting the challenges of the contemporary civilization and also the contemporary crisis;

If India has to be protected from dogmatic or agnostic or

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