Innovations in Education

Note: Suggestions for innovations in the Schedules I, II and III have been carefully pooled together from various sources and practical experiments which have been conducted in India and elsewhere. Further explorations and experiments will need to be conducted under the expert guidance of the Educational Commission for Innovations. New suggestions will be welcome.

Schedule I

Innovations related to Aims of Education


1. Aims of liberal education, vocational education and professional education need to be adequately addressed. For this purpose the following elements need to be harmonized:

Promotion of liberal education with its emphasis on scientific knowledge and scientific epistemology and rationality as also its emphasis on the study of art and science for promoting harmonious relationships between the individual, society and the universe at large.

2. Innovations need to be undertaken for the promotion of four higher aims of education which are related to:

(a) Nationalism, internationalism, peace, international understanding, universality and the ideal of universal fraternity in conjunction with the ideal of liberty and ideal of equality;

(b) Character development and man-making education in conjunction with integral development of

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