Arjuna's Argument at Kurukshetra and Sri Krishna's Answer

Relationship between Knowledge, Action and Devotion


At the root of the synthesis of the yoga of the Gita is a clear and indispensable relationship that exists between cognition, conation and affection. Knowledge, which is the fruit of cognition is always superior to mere action, since knowledge aims at the discovery of the ultimate foundation of all that is and all that becomes, and the attainment of knowledge is always foundational and nothing that vibrates in cognition, conation and affection can attain to perfection without the attainment of the foundation that can be seized by the processes of knowledge, jñāna. One of the basic truths of the karma yoga is, as Sri Krishna declares, that knowledge is far superior to works, and that all works culminate in knowledge:

jyāyasī karmaŋ ah buddhih”1
“sarvaṁ karmākhilaṁ jñāne parisamāpyate”2

However, since all yoga is an endeavour and a mighty effort, there has to be in the human consciousness that need, that all-conscious imperative need, which provides perennial force of seeking, which is indispensable as a motive force at all stages of development. And this need must have its root not in mere desire, which is required to

1 BG., III.1
2 Ibid., IV.33

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