Glimpses of Vedic Literature


THERE are a number of people in our country who have heard of the Veda but have practically no idea of the Vedic literature and its contents. There is, therefore, a need to present to them a few introductory notes, which might provide some basic information about the Vedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads, which constitute the core of the Vedic literature. It is to meet this need to some extent that these notes have been attempted.

These notes avoid scholarly discussions. They do not even touch the fringe of the Vedic literature and, therefore, the series of these notes has been entitled "Glimpses of Vedic Literature". It is hoped that these notes will provide to readers some such basic information, which would stimulate them to turn to larger books on the subject.

The significance of the Veda lies in the following facts:

1. The Veda is acknowledged as the earliest available literary composition of humanity;

2. The text of the Veda has substantially remained uncorrupted for over two thousand years, and the sanctity of the text has prevented interpolations, alterations and modernising versions;

3. The Veda has been regarded as authoritative in the

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