Landmarks Of Hinduism

Gods in The Vedas and Puranas

History of Indian religion and spirituality has an inner continuity, even though forms and atmosphere have changed from time to time in the course of millennia. The Vedic beginning was so vast and so lofty, so comprehensive in its seed-form that the later developments could be considered to be growing forms necessitated by changing circumstances in terms of varying emphases on intellectuality, emotionality and sensuality as also by the boldness of experimental spirit that wanted to bring larger and larger sections of people, larger and larger gradations of people into the realm of experience of the secrets which were originally reserved only for the initiates.

The outer Vedic religion had behind it an esoteric synthesis of Yoga which had discovered the presence and operation of a number of godheads who were still cosmic expressions of the One Supreme, — ekam sad viprā bahudhā uadanti. The aim of the Vedic Yoga was to unite the human with the Supreme by the aid of the godheads and by purifying and perfecting human faculties so as to raise them up to the qualities and Powers represented by the godheads. Perfectibility of the human being and attainment of immortality by enlarging the domains of human consciousness into the corresponding cosmic domains and even by reaching the transcendental Being through supreme experiences of love, joy, power, peace, knowledge and

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