Stories For Youth in Search of A Higher Life


1. The world and ourselves— these two basic phenomena are undeniable; that the world is observable and understandable by us is a fact, however mysterious may be the precise mechanism and however debatable may be the ultimate meaning we may attach to the world and our observing intelligence.

2. Our intelligence consists of the senses,—in the first place; but supreme over the senses is the mind; and supreme over the mind is the intelligent will, buddhi; that which is supreme over the intelligent will is he, the conscious self, the Purusha.

(Mind is superior to senses because even if the senses are operative, but if the mind is not attentive to the operation of the senses, we fail to take intelligent or conscious cognisance of the objects of senses. Buddhi is superior to the mind because it is buddhi that turns sensations into ideas, judgment and discrimination and co-ordination between ideas; and it is this discrimination that enables the power of will to choose and decide. Purusha is superior to the intellect because intellect itself detects the Purusha as the real observer, the real source of consciousness which stands behind operations of senses, mind and intelligent will and observes as a witness the world as its object.)

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