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The Princess


It was 1967. I was introduced to her in April that year by one of the leading industrialists who had appointed me his adviser,—not for industrial enterprises, but for something else. He was Chairman of a number of charitable institutions, mostly devoted to education, health and social reforms. I was supposed to advise him on these matters. In that month of April, there was a Seminar at Geneva on "Modernising Management", and he was requested to preside over that Seminar. He had asked me to accompany him, and we came to stay in the famous hotel "Riviera". It was there that my Chairman had introduced me to her at the breakfast table, saying, "Meet my friend. She is the charming Princess, the only one in the world!".

And, indeed, during the next few years I found her that she was not only a charming princess, but she was also a brave and bold leader of her country, with great potentialities to grow into a world-leader, a leading stateswoman of our planet. She believed in the concept of Family of Man, of one world of human unity, of planetary civilisation. She was, at that time of our first meeting, only thirty four years old, but she had the wisdom of ripe age. She had read volumes of World History and she had expertise in matters of

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