Globalisation and Culture

Crisis of Civilisation & Beyond

We are getting absorbed in the problems of power shift which are caused by "softnomics", the technologies which are related to software that produces and processes information and knowledge with ever-increasing speed. In other words; we are interested in knowledge to the extent to which it gets related to money-making. What is our centre of gravity? It is the economic social ultimate -- an ideal material organisation of civilisation and comfort, the use of reason and science and education for the channelisation of a utilitarian rationality which will create mechanisms and systems for vital and material satisfactions surrounded by luxuries of intellectual and aesthetic pastimes.

The contemporary crisis of humanity arises from this centre of gravity; humanity more is slipping more and into the mire of this pit. While its inner soul feels mutely the agony of this plunge and wants to be uplifted and liberated, it is unable to assist itself and to break its chains.

There is a deeper reason for this, and we may try to understand it.


Since the last five hundred years, humanity has been living in the Age of Reason. In previous cycles of human history, there have been periods where intellect dominated, but they never reached the sweep, pitch- and intensity as our modern Age of cultivating, subtilising and fathoming the applications of our rational faculties. The Age of Reason is, therefore, of special significance, particularly when we realise that the human being is distinguishable from other species by virtue of its Reason. We can expect from this Age those, results which the

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