Globalisation and Culture

Dailogue among civilisations


Uplifting Message of the Inauguration

We have had this morning inspiring statements on the necessity of developing a new art and science of dialogue among civilisations as an indispensable instrument for sustainable culture of peace in the world.

We feel immensely grateful to the Hon'ble Chief Guest, the Prime Minister of India, for having delivered to us a message that uplifts us to a vast realm of all great and noble values that constitute civilisation.

He has also shown us the way by which that realm should be nourished and enriched by a continuous dialogue that can create a vibrant atmosphere of concord and amity among nations, continents, civilisations and peoples of the world.

We feel also deeply grateful to the Director-General of UNESCO for his penetrating analysis of the meaning and value of the dialogue among civilisations.

He has also presented to us a roadmap that can keep us guided on the path of the dialogue that can counter the forces of intolerance and terrorism.

Hon'ble Yashwant Sinha, Minister of External Affairs, has warmly supported the initiatives taken by the United Nations and UNESCO and welcomed the deliberations that have subsequently taken place on the theme of the dialogue among civilisations.

He has rightly dwelt on the contemporary situation in the world that necessitates the intervention of dialogue as the effective instrument of understanding among civilisations.

Messages of the morning constitute an auspicious backdrop of our Conference, and we are immensely grateful for them.

We are particularly happy that this Conference has received warm support of UNESCO, and we have here today an

exceptional opportunity to explore and strengthen various factors, such as education and science, and pursuit of values, so that the programme of dialogue among civilisations is further fortified and implemented.

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