Globalisation and Culture

Socio-cultural perspectives of india

India of today has a special psychological climate, which we need to explore and understand.

There is at first the emerging international or global layer of influences which have penetrated deeply into a large number of institutions and modes of our developing life patterns. These influences bear real stamp of the European Renaissance which, in turn, had succeeded in the revival of the ancient Greek culture. The Greek culture was an amazing efflorescence of the development of the faculties of the body, life or mind under the supervening influences of the powers of the reason and its three-fold character: rational, aesthetic and ethical. The pursuit of the ideals of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, which were greatly emphasized by Plato had remained the driving forces of the Greek and the later Greco-Roman culture, and they have become living forces since renaissance, of modern Europe and the entire modern world. These three ideals are more readily admitted by the modern mind, including the modern Indian mind. In the Renascent Europe, the rebirth of the powers of the Reason has generated not only multisided culture of the physical, vital, aesthetic, ethical, or rationalistic pursuits, but the most striking and predominant and unprecedented advancement that has been achieved in the field of Science and Technology. The application of rationality to social and political life has resulted in the erection of 3 great ideals: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, and the greatest experiments in social and political life has since been dominated by democratic, socialistic and communistic movements, -- as can be seen through the history of parliamentary democracy in England, France and even Europe and U.S.A. The communistic experiments lays great emphasis on the ideal of equality has also prominently influenced the entire world during the last two centuries. The application of Science to Technology has been the main spring of the industrial revolution, the nuclear revolution, and electronic revolution. It is these three revolutions which have accentuated competitive individualism and capitalisms as also great wars, cold war and continuing conflicts among the contemporary multipolar world. The globalization is today immensely facilitated by the electronic revolution.

The contemporary Indian climate cannot be properly understood without taking into account the great ideals of Greek culture, the renascent European emphasis on Reason and the consequent phenomenon of ever advancing march of Science, and the emergence of the global life under the inspiring force of the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

But this is not enough. The study of Greek culture will show that, despite the shining experiments of the pursuit of the rationalistic, aesthetic, and the ethical culture, the conflict between the ethical and the aesthetic and the conflict between the rationalistic and the ethical tendencies were not resolved, and while these ideals have come into the forefront in the modern world, they still need to be pursued farther until rational, ethical, aesthetic can be reconciled. At the heart of the contemporary Indian psychological climate, there is today the

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