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Among the important programmes which ICPR has been pursuing on a priority basis is the one related to states in consciousness. For promoting this theme, ICPR had organised during the last year a seminar at Shillong on Varieties of Yogic Experience, and this Seminar was fruitful, considering eminent scholars who attended and presented valuable papers which were presented and discussed. At the end of the Seminar, it was felt that there is a need to hold one more Seminar on the subject so as to cover the remaining aspects of the theme.

It is, therefore, proposed to hold the next Seminar on Guwahati from 18th to 20th October 2005. More than 20 scholars have been approached, and at least 15 of them are expected to participate in the Seminar. The scholars invited to the Seminar include, Professor Usha Chaudhary, Dr. Raj Kumari Trikha, Dr. Shashi Prabha Kumar, Professor Tassadduqhusain, Professor Rama Jain, Professor K.N. Subramanian, Professor N. Veezhinathan, Professor Pandurangi, Professor Kutumb Shastri, Professor Francis X. D’Sa, Professor Manoj Das, Professor Jodh Singh, Dr. A.K. Merchant, Professor Kireet Joshi, and Dr. Mercy Helen.

Three issues will receive special attention at the proposed Seminar:

  1. Epistemology of Yogic Consciousness;
  2. Descriptions of Yogic experiences which have been authentically documented in the following systems of disciplines of Yoga:
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