On Resurgent India Movement

On Resurgent India Movement

The Movement that we call Resurgent India links itself to the Movement that commenced a hundred years ago in Calcutta and in the east, through the electrifying pages of Bande Mataram penned by Sri Aurobindo. Within two years, the uncompromising demand for complete freedom rent the skies of India. Freedom has come, but we need at this stage once again to instil in our country a new and uncompromising demand for Resurgence of India. We need to discover at the deepest depths that great eternal India and create new forms of expression and revitalize the old ones – nothing short of a Rebirth or a Renaissance of India more radical than the Renaissance that shaped the modern western world.

It is propitious for us today that at this juncture we have in our beloved Rashtrapatiji a leader of vision and action who has breathed in the country that new pulsation and force that can match the needs of Resurgent India. To that leadership we salute today on this occasion with profound gratitude and from that leadership, we derive an abiding inspiration.

Our Movement of Resurgent India is, first of all, a Vision and secondly it is a Call. Our vision underlines the need for a new synthesis which can lift us from the dawns of the past and usher into what Sri Aurobindo calls “the Noons of the future”. This synthesis will be fourfold: synthesis of the East and the West, commencing from the East and culminating into world-unity that respects and nourishes living pulsation of diversity.

Secondly, synthesis of material prosperity that can be ours with advancement of knowledge that weld together Science, Technology, Philosophy and Culture. Thirdly, a synthesis of spiritualised life that negates exclusivism from ideologies and isms, systems and religions. And fourthly, a synthesis a synthesis of the repositories of wisdom that are still to be pooled together from the past books of knowledge and the ever-progressive vistas of astonishing revelations that seem to be awaiting us from the present evolutionary movement which is refashioning humanity for its transmutation into super-humanity.

To achieve these, our call is first to the youth, ‒ the youth that has before them great Masters like the leonine Swami Vivekananda as their ideal image, ‒ one who had the strength and courage to ask the great question: Have you seen God? He saw and realised God and wanted the youth to realise God. He also wanted the manifestation of God in the upliftment of all by transcending all the fetters of

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