Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Nationalism and Internationalism

Sri Aurobindo’s
Philosophy of Indian Nationalism


A most luminous and revelatory exposition of philosophy of nationalism and of Indian nationalism is to be found in the writings of Sri Aurobindo. In fact, Sri Aurobindo’s own life is a flaming example of Indian nationalism, not only in its uniqueness but also in its universality. If we study the history of Indian nationalism, we shall find that he stands out as the most heroic nationalist who formulated in the most inspiring terms the true aim of Indian nationalism, during the early period of nationalist struggle and accomplished the task of fixing it in the national consciousness within a short period of two years (1906-8) through blazing pages of the Bande Mataram. This
miracle can be regarded as an unparalleled achievement in the entire world history of nationalism.

The greatest thing done in those years was

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