A Philosophy of Education for The Contemporary Youth

This is not all. We are led to perceive deeper and deeper layers of recent thought and experience, and they all have a profound bearing on education. There is, for instance today, a great quest all over the world for the synthesis of knowledge and culture. Ancient knowledge is being rediscovered in the context of modern knowledge. The humanist and the technologist are finding themselves in greater and greater need of each other; the moralist and the artist are obliged to understand each other; and the scientist and the mystic are getting ready to embrace each other.

The educational implications of these developments are obvious. Our educational syllabi have to reflect the latest trends of synthesis, and our educational objectives must include the idea of preparing a new kind of man who can consciously and progressively harmonize within himself the broad vision of the humanist and the skill of the technologist; the disciplined will-force of the moralist and the refined imagination of the artist; the scrupulous knowledge of the scientist and the sublime vision, wisdom and ever-growing perfection of the mystic. At a still deeper level, we have perhaps the profoundest affirmation of our times, which is likely to have the most decisive effect on the entire domain of education. According to this affirmation, man is undergoing today a crisis which is evolutionary in character, a crisis that occurs in species at a time when some kind of mutation is imminent.

According to this view, education is or can be made a most powerful instrument of evolutionary mutation. It proposes, therefore, a thorough revolution of education in which the aim would be to cultivate, sharpen and transform the faculties and powers of personality leading towards an unprecedented perfection that would enhance man’s capacity to collaborate consciously with the upward march of evolution.

There are also today powerful trends of revolutionary methods of education which seem to correspond to the emerging new ideals and contents of education. These trends severely attack the three main pillars of our ordinary educational meth-

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