A Philosophy of Education for The Contemporary Youth

Philosophy, Science
and Art of Learning

To know is good. To do is better. To be that is perfect.

1. The lotus of eternal knowledge and eternal perfection is a bud closed and folded up within us.
2. It opens swiftly or gradually, petal by petal.
3. Teaching, example, influence—these are the three instruments of the teacher.
4. The teacher should seek to awaken much more than to instruct. The teacher is a light, kindling other lights.
5. The fundamental processes of learning are: widening, heightening and deepening of consciousness.
6. The sense of wonder is not only the beginning of learning but also the constant flower and glow of learning.
7. Sincere dedication is a golden key to learning.
8. Observation, imagination and thinking are the beginnings of learning.
9. Learning is effected through concentration, through purification, through artistic expression and through manual and skilful work.

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