A Philosophy of Evolution for The Contemporary Man

Marvel of the Mental Being

If we were to go back to the stage when life had just emerged on the earth, it could not have seemed possible to us that in this little life, a mental being would emerge and create all manner of utensils, erect cities, houses, temples, theatres, laboratories, factories, chisel from it statues and carve cave-cathedrals, invent architecture, sculpture, painting, poetry and a hundred arts and crafts, discover the mathematics and physics of the universe, and live for the sake of knowledge, develop into the thinker, the philosopher and scientist and become even the hunter after the invisible, the mystic and the spiritual seeker.

But if after several ages or cycles we had looked again and seen this miracle in full process, even then perhaps, we would still not have understood, it would still seem impossible to us that the hidden spirit could wholly emerge, complete in its consciousness, and dwell upon the earth as the self-known and world-knower, Nature's ruler and possessor.

We would have said: 'Impossible! all that has happened is nothing much, a little bubbling of sensitive grey stuff of brain, a queer freak in a bit of inanimate Matter moving about on a small dot in the universe'.

But if we were more deliberate, we might have probably concluded that man, the mental being, is sublimated by the endeavour of the Energy to evolve out of him as the spiritual man, the fully conscious being, man exceeding his first material self and discoverer of his true self and highest nature.

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