A Philosophy of Evolution for The Contemporary Man

What is the Secret of
Nature's Movement?

In the earliest stages of the movement of Nature, we are met by the dumb secrecy of her inconscience. There is no revelation of any significance or purpose in her works, no hint of anything other than her immediate preoccupation, which also seems to be for ever her only business. Matter alone appears to be the sole, dumb and stark cosmic reality.

If we were present there, conscious but uninstructed, we would only have seen appearing out of a vast abyss of an apparent non-existence an Energy busy with the creation of Matter, a material world and material objects, organizing the infinity of the inconscient into the scheme of a boundless universe or a system of countless universes that stretched around us into space without any certain end or limit, a tireless creation of nebulae and star clusters and suns and planets, existing only for itself, without any sense in it, empty of cause or purpose. It might have seemed to us a stupendous machinery without a use, a mighty, meaningless movement.

We would have seen no evidence of a soul and no limit of Mind or Life in this immeasurable and interminable display of Matter. But after some aeons, we might have detected at least in one small corner of the universe an outbreak of teeming life, the phenomenon of living Matter, a Life in things that had emerged and become visible.

But still we would have understood nothing, Nature would still veil her secret. We would have seen a Nature concerned only with establishing this outburst of Life, this new creation, but Life living for itself with no significance in it.

We could not have imagined that a thinking mind would appear in this minute island of life, that a consciousness could awake in the Inconscient, a new, greater and subtler vibration come to the surface and betray more clearly the existence of the submerged Spirit.

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