Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and other Essays


Among all intellectual disciplines, Philosophy is intrinsically concerned with the search of essential significance, which impels uncovering of layers of facts, physical and psychological, and determination of the distinction between appearance and reality. It also provides an impetus to the quest of comprehensive-ness as also of the ultimate reality that may exist, in the light of which relationships are understood and evaluated. And if we examine the dimension of significance, we shall find that there is in it an underlying sense of perception of the object and of the idea that signifies the object. Philosophical thinking is an expression of an inherent nisus that can be satisfied only if all that is there is cognised in a dispassionate search of a comprehensive and, if need be, a transcendental sweep, resulting in a meaningful state of completeness.

Mere vision of truth, even comprehensive vision of truth, may be an object of science, but the unique dimension of Philosophy is the search for meaning, which discloses what may be called deliberate reason that raises us up in suggesting not to accept things as they are but to inquire into why they are what they are and whether they could be or ought to be other than what they are. A complete  Philosophical argument involves this quintessential element.

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