Towards a New Social Order

Definitions and Explanations of Sociological and Political Terms
(Collected from Various Dictionaries and Encyclopidias)

Anarchism is the belief that it is practicable and desirable to abolish all organised government, laws and machinery for law enforcement. Anarchists aim at a Stateless society in which harmony is maintained by voluntary agreements among individuals and groups. They envisage a social order without prisons, armies, police or other organised force to maintain property rights, collect taxes or enforce such personal obligations as contracts, debts or alimony.

Aristocracy denotes the theory and practice of government by an elite generally hereditary -- designated as best at ruling. This is its basic meaning and it implies a moral justification for rule by such an elite.

Autocracy denotes a structure of power characterised by: (a) clear ascendancy of one person at the top of its administrative hierarchy; (b) lack of any laws or customs in virtue of which the ruler might be called upon to account for his actions; (c) absence of any customary or legal limitations on the exercise of authority by the ruler.

Bureaucracy means the rule by the office or rule by officials.

Capitalism is a term used to denote the economic system that has been dominant in the western world since the break-

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