Towards a New Social Order - Preface


This souvenir is being brought out by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research on the occasion of a Roundtable on “The Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo” being held on the 15th of August 2003 (131st Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo) during the XXIst World Congress of Philosophy at Istanbul, Turkey.

Sri Aurobindo’s magnum opus, The Life Divine, is considered to be one of the greatest philosophical works of the twentieth century. The philosophy contained in this book is not speculative, although its exposition is strictly philosophical in character. This philosophy is founded on Sri Aurobindo’s direct spiritual experiences and realisations of the Ultimate Reality and its creative power, which Sri Aurobindo has termed as supermind. Sri Aurobindo has expounded in great detail the psychological processes by means of which ascent to the supermind can be effected. He has also expounded the process by which the supermind can be brought down on the earth. These expositions are to be found in Sri Aurobindo’s great work entitled The Synthesis of Yoga.

According to Sri Aurobindo, the world of Matter, as we see and experience it, is evolutionary in character, and the evolution of life in Matter and of Mind in life, can only be explained on the ground that mind and life are already involved in Matter. Sri Aurobindo raises the question whether mind is the final term of the evolution, and in the light of the spiritual theory of evolution which he has developed and presented in great detail in The Life


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