Towards a New Social Order

Reaction to the Supremacy of the State and to Totalitarianism: Transition to Anarchism, Intellectual or Spiritual: Towards the true solution

What are the basic springs of Anarchism? What is Anarchism? What is the relationship between Anarchism and the democratic godheads of humanity? Will Anarchism go beyond the stage of theory and intellectual revolt? “The State will wither away” -- Is not that Russian ideal of com-munism Anarchistic? Is that ideal not likely to be realised? What are the defects of Anarchism? Will Anarchism be surpassed? What is the true solution? -- Spiritual or Spiritualised Anarchism? -- Or a radical spiritual change and transformation?

The pressure of the Modern State and the Reaction of Anarchism

“Already the pressure of the State organisation on the life of the individual has reached a point at which it is ceasing to be tolerable. If it continues to be what it is now, a government of the life of the individual by the comparatively few and not, as it pretends, by a common will and reason, if, that is to say, it becomes patently undemocratic or remains psuedo-democratic, then it will be this falsity through which anarchistic thought will attack its existence. But the innermost difficulty would not disappear even if the

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