Towards a New Social Order

Reason and Democracy

What is the relationship between Reason and Democracy? Why did Monarchy come to be replaced by Democracy? Are ordinary people extraordinary in the art of government? Is perfect democracy practicable? What is the necessity of Parliamentary Democracy? Democracy is on the anvil. Democracy is in crisis. Has Parliamentary Democracy succeeded? What is the likely future of Parliamentary Democracy? Will Democracy come to be replaced by Monarchy or Totalitarianism? Individualistic Democracy leads to a huge organised but unbridled competitive system -- to the present industrialised capitalism, and to an increasing plutocratic tendency. It leads to scramble for power of wealth.
Is it not possible to remedy the defects of Democracy?
Is Democracy a transitional stage?
Or, Is Democracy an ideal form of government?

Reaction of Reason to Institutions

“Reason cannot accept any institution merely because it serves some purpose of life: it has to ask whether there are not greater and better purposes which can be best served by new institutions. There arises the necessity of a universal questioning and from that necessity arises the idea that society can only be perfected by the universal application of the rational intelligence to the whole of life, to its principle,

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