A Pilgrims Quest for the Highest and the Best


Quest of Supra-physical
Realities: Four Avenues

A crucial problem of Thought as also of Life is centered on the distinction between the physical and the supra-physical, on the possibility of transition from the physical to the supra-physical, and on establishing, if possible, the relation between the physical realities and supra-physical realities. It is, indeed, possible to question the existence of the supra-physical, and several systems of thought and philosophy have been built in the course of human history to convince the human mind that there is no such thing as the supra-physical, and that all that can be considered to be supra-physical is nothing else than an epiphenomenon of the physical. Even subjective experience which can be regarded as supra-physical is sought to be shown to be a twitch of the physical. But the human quest refuses to be permanently tied up to the physical and to the sensuous. The data of experience are so vast, so complex and so intriguing that persistent efforts have been made throughout the history of humankind to transcend the limitations of the physical realities. The human tendency to expect, to imagine, to generalize, to make inductive leap, to build concepts and theories is a minimum starting-point of the quest for the supra-physical. If we look at the world with fresh eyes and with wonder that

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