A Pilgrims Quest for the Highest and the Best


Supermind in the Veda and the Aim of Immortality

In the building up of the path for this consummation, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother undertook a colossal task of yogic research, and in the course of this task, the earlier religious and spiritual traditions of the world have been fully taken into account. As a part of this great effort of yogic research, Sri Aurobindo discovered, in the texts of Vedic Samhitas, a synthesis of yoga which he has put forward through his books, "The Secret of the Veda"59 and "Hymns to the Mystic Fire".60 In that synthesis of yoga, Sri Aurobindo found a glorious account, even an epical account, of the psychological being of man in its highest flights and widest rangings of divine knowledge, power, joy, life and glory; these flights and rangings were synthesized with the cosmic existence of the Gods, pursued behind the symbols of material universe in those superior planes which are hidden from the physical sense and the material mentality. The discovery of the supermind by the Vedic Rishis was of capital importance, and the victories which the Vedic Rishis attained have been extremely significant for the future development of yoga. The crown of the synthesis that the Vedic Rishis arrived at was the unity in the increasing soul of man and the eternal divine fullness of the cosmic godheads. This synthesis was based on the discovery of ultimate reality as something divine,

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