Integral Yoga - An Outline of Major Aims Processes, Methods and Results


Methods of Transition from the Intellect to Higher Principles of Consciousness

The integral yoga has two important points of concentration, the concentration that is inward and which presses towards discovery and unveiling of the psychic being and its powers, and the concentration that is upward, which presses on the summits of the mind and which breaks the lid of the mind so as to liberate our consciousness into the domains of superconscience, the levels of the higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind and overmind, which ultimately leads to the Supermind. In the yogic terminology of the integral yoga these two concentrations are termed as concentrations on (i) the heart centre, since it is behind the heart centre, deep in the inmost depths, that the psychic being is located, and (ii) the head centre, since the superconscient levels of consciousness are above the head centre. While dealing with the problems of the life-force in the integral yoga we have seen, although very briefly, the role that the psychic being plays. But we may now briefly study the methods by which the intellectual being can come to make a transition to higher principles of consciousness.

As Sri Aurobindo points out, the human being is distinguished from all other terrestrial creatures by virtue of his limited mental intelligence enlightening the limiting mind of sense and the capacity, not always well used of a considerable extension of it, by the use of the reason. The

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