Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Mutation - Its Aid to Humanity and Human Species


Difficulties and Remedies

Psychological Difficulties and Remedies

In regard to the psychological difficulties, certain impulses and instincts of the body have been found especially harmful by the spiritual aspirant. Sri Aurobindo points out that sex and sexuality and all that springs from sex and testifies to its existence had to be banned and discarded from spiritual life. Sri Aurobindo points out that though this is difficult, it is not at all impossible and can be made a cardinal condition for the spiritual seeker.73 In the practice of integral yoga, all gross animal indulgence of sex desire and impulse would have to be eliminated; it could only continue among those who are not ready for the higher life or not yet ready for a complete spiritual living. Sri Aurobindo further points out that all who aspired for spiritual life but could not yet take it up in its fullness, sex will have to be refined, submit to the spiritual or psychic impulse and a control by the higher mind and the higher vital and shed all its lighter, frivolous or degraded forms and feel the touch of the purity of the ideal. At the same time, all recognition of the sex principle, as apart from the gross physical indulgence of sex-impulse, could not be excluded from divine life upon earth. In its human action on the mental and vital level, sex is not altogether an undivine principle; it has its nobler aspects and idealities, and it has to be seen in what way and to what extent it can be extended into the new and larger life.

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