Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Mutation - Its Aid to Humanity and Human Species


Integral Yoga: Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

The integral yoga as developed by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is, although perfected in all its aspects, still an unfinished chapter opening itself to the future that is in the making. It is impossible to turn this yoga into a religion; it has no dogmas and rituals that can be mechanically believed in or practised. It is a multisided Way that is still being traversed; it is open to any individual for his or her free choice to traverse in the way that is suitable to his or her own law of nature and development; it is also available to humanity as an indispensable aid to its advance towards the highest ideals of unity and harmony that have come to be envisaged at this initial junction of its journey.

There are, however, two sections of humanity that are likely to study more readily this integral yoga with the highest degree of earnestness. These are: seekers who are wedded to scientific knowledge and scientific method, and the seekers who are wedded to the methodical quest of psychic, spiritual and supramental realization. Both these categories of seekers will find, in the Records of Experiments and Realizations left by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the required testimony of the promise that they are likely to cherish and to pursue for the fulfillment of their quest.

There are today an increasing number of scientists who have begun to open themselves, without abandoning their

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