Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Mutation - Its Aid to Humanity and Human Species


Stages of the Evolutionary Mutation of the Human
Body into the Divine Body

There are various factors to be considered for developing the yoga of the evolutionary process leading to the fabrication of the Divine Body, which will be the supramentalised robe for the eternal Spirit as its appropriate habitation. The development of the divine body, which will be free from the limitations of the human body subject to the necessity of dissolution and death, is implied, according to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, in the evolutionary urge embedded in the Inconscience. For Nature seeks complete harmony; life and matter have been harmonized in the evolutionary process, but not up to the point of its logical completeness; life and mind have also been harmonized, but still there is a vast room of conflict between the two; Nature is striving towards that complete harmony; the mind is seeking Truth and Light; but this seeking has behind it an urge to possess Truth and Light,— an urge that can be fulfilled by the evolution of the supermind which inherently possesses Truth and Light. Nature is, therefore, labouring to evolve supermind in living and thinking material life. As Sri Aurobindo points out, if it be true that Spirit is involved in Matter and, if apparent Nature has within it secret God, even though as a veiled state of Sachchidananda, then Nature must ultimately unveil and manifest Sachchidananda in its fullness. To discover and realize the immortal life in a body

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